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Transit of the ISS by the Sun

Thanks to the helpful service of CalSky Alerter ( I received an email informing me that the ISS could be seen passing in front of the Sun from my observatory at 9:40 on June 18, 2020

I prepared the recording with a Celestron C8 and an ASI1600mm Pro camera, with the corresponding solar filter, resulting in the composition of the captured photos the following image:

The overlapping image are the result of captures at equal intervals but they are not all there because the computer used for the capture was not able to download all the images from the camera in time during the short interval of the transit, approximately 1s. The ASI1600mm Pro camera has a high resolution and large CCD size and requires a powerful computer or lowering the binning to decrease the weight of the data during real-time capture. Learned for the next opportunity.

This is the video composing the images (not real time):

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