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Potentially hazardous asteroid captured on Earth approach

Asteroids are classified as potentially hazardous when they have a minimum distance of intersection of their orbit with the Earth of less than 7.5 million km (0.05 astronomical units) and a size greater than 140m.

Asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 in January 2022 came within about 2 million km of Earth, and although this is a small enough distance to qualify as potentially hazardous (it has a diameter of about 1 km) it did not really pose a real danger. To get an idea, it passed at 5 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

The video was captured a few hours after closest approach. During the capture it was surprising how fast the asteroid was moving over the star field. The video condenses 6 minutes of the asteroid transiting the Earth's vicinity. Measuring the velocity in the video gives a displacement of 76 arc seconds per minute.

The video was captured with a Celestron 8" and an ASI 1600mmPro camera (exposure time 2s per shot) from the Majadahonda Observatory (L46).

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