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Occultation of Venus by the Moon

On June 19, 2020, the Moon occulted Venus for more than an hour. The trajectory of both along the ecliptic crossed. This phenomenon is conducive to the fact that the inclinations of their orbits are different, and it is unusual enough that it was worth capturing the event with the camera.

The Moon was 3% lit up and Venus 7% lit up, both in a crescient phase. To capture the image of both, the exposure had to be adjusted so that Venus looked overexposed and the Moon under-exposed, and the result was a somewhat faint Moon, and Venus appearing to be in a slightly higher phase than the real one. The images were taken with a Celestron C8 telescope and an ASI1600 mm Pro camera.

Pictures were taken during the approach, resulting in the following video:

And the following video shows the moment of occultation:

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