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Measuring the rotation period of 15 asteroids

The Minor Planet Center published in the bulletin "volume 49, number 2" corresponding to the period April to June 2022, a work of the GOAS group (Group for Asteroid Observations) which includes the study of the rotation period of 15 asteroids..

This is the link to the bulletin:

Details of the results for these asteroids are given on page 136 of the bulletin:

  • 3 JUNO

  • 28 BELLONA

  • 129 ANTIGONE

  • 214 ASCHERA


  • 246 ASPORINA

  • 382 DODONA

  • 523 ADA

  • 670 OTTEGEBE

  • 918 ITHA

  • 1242 ZAMBESIA

  • 1352 WAWEL

  • 1358 GAIKA

  • 4155 WATANABE


The work is the result of many nights of measurements by the members of the group to gather enough data to obtain the necessary information for the calculation of the periods. I am very happy to have been able to make my small contribution to the result of the work from the Majadahonda Observatory (MPC code L46).

The summary of the results can be seen in the following table:

The GOAS Group website can be found here:

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