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Sun without spots

Actualizado: 2 abr 2020

Today is August 4, 2019, and since July 25 the sun shows no sunspots or active regions on the visible surface towards the Earth. They are 11 consecutive days that can still be prolonged and that fit with a sun is in the period of reduced activity that occurs every 11 years, in this case the Solar Cycle 24 that began in 2008.

The photo, taken on 1 August 2019 from Rota (Cádiz), shows a sun that is completely clean, but not free from other types of activity. For example, in the following photo you can see an eruptive protuberance, with twisted ties between them.

During cycles of minimal activity, other phenomena occur, such as the appearance of coronal holes that facilitate the increase of solar storms. In fact, in the next few days an increase in geomagnetic storms (SPACE WEATHER NOAA Forecast) is expected due to the appearance of several coronal holes, which may favour the observation of aurora borealis at the appropriate latitudes.

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