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Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017

Actualizado: 2 abr 2020

From Cádiz I have been able to observe and make some photographs of the partial lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017.

From this latitude, the moon's departure was around 9:15 PM., but it was visible at 9:43 PM after the fog on the horizon when it was at a height of about 4º.

The partial eclipse had happened before the moon came out and what could be observed was the penumbral eclipse caused by the shadow of the Earth. The first photograph showed a very reddish color and clearly marked with a surplus covering approximately 25% of the surface.

I set out to make a sequence of photographs every 15 minutes until 10:45 pm when the eclipse ended. During this interval, in addition to advancing the eclipse the moon rose to a height of about 15 °, so the sum of the highest altitude, and greater darkness, required to be changing the exposure time and each photo had a different color and brightness . To be able to compare the evolution of the shadow, the photos were processed with Photoshop, converting them to black and white and trying to match the luminosity in the area not affected by the eclipse. The result is this sequence of photos in the following moments: 21:43, 21:58, 22:13 and 22:30. In the last photo taken at 22:44, the difference with the one at 22:30 is not appreciated, so it is not shown.

The photos are made with a Canon 60Da coupled to the primary focus of the TSED70Q telescope (focal length 474mm) on the iOptron altazimuth mount.

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