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Design and assembly of a mini terrace observatory

Actualizado: 2 abr 2020

I have completed the design and assembly of a mini terrace observatory. With this system I have a second operational telescope using an old 8" SC tube disassembled from an LX200.

The set allows you to automate operations such as planning astronomical photography, searching for variable stars, etc. It can operate in parallel with the main SC telescope of 11" in the dome, occupying a very small space on the terrace.

The system is not suitable for visual observation since there is no one person inside the small structure. The automated operation is carried out with ACP DC3 and it takes care of all the tasks: opening the mini observatory, carrying out the pointing, the photographs, the guided, either of one objective or of several as desired each night. At the end of the process, park the telescope and close the mini observatory.

The mini observatory shares the control of the weather with the same AAG CloudWatcher station in the dome and ACP DC3 takes care of parking and closing if there is a situation of insecurity of rain or wind.

The mini observatory is so small and light that disassembled in three parts (aluminum structure and each of its two shovels) can climb the terrace, through normal doors of a house, and a single person can with the weight of each element, although logically between two is easier and recommendable.

For more details of the design, see the description in the projects section of the web.

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