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Transit of Mercury

Actualizado: 2 abr 2020

On 9/5/2016 the weather in Majadahonda gave prediction that it would not be possible to see the transit of Mercury. And so it was until the late afternoon, that time gave us a small window without clouds.

Shortly before 8 o'clock in the afternoon Mercury could be seen to the southeast of the Sun among the clouds. This is a photo with Canon 60Da, a single shot in RAW. The camera coupled to a TSED70Q with Barlow and mounted in piggyback on a C11 on mount EQ8. The telescope was protected with a solar filter made from a Baader sheet, so the photos are from the photosphere.

The photos are made with ISO 200, exposure time 0.001s and treated later with Photoshop.

From 19:48 the sky cleared and allowed to see the transit for about 15 minutes until the Sun plunged into a dense sea of ​​clouds.

The photo that is shown is an overlay of 3 photos taken with differences of about 5 minutes, where Mercury's route has been projected with a line during transit.

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