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Video detection of meteorites and fireballs

The detection of meteorites and fireballs is done with the equipment described in de meteor video detector section.

The device is pointing approximately at an azimuth of 151º and an altitude of 43º, with a field of vision of about 30x25º. Each night more than a dozen meteors can be detected, and occasionally one stands out for the intensity and we can classify them as fireball.

Below are some of the most representative, including some curioros but not meteors.

Fireball 2016/07/29 03:30:24 

Fireball 2016/07/30 at 23:53


Fireball 2016/08/12 01:12 

Perseid meteor shower 2016/08/12

Fireball 2016/08/14 00:22

Fireball 2016/08/20 23:12

Full moon and fireball 2016/08/22 04:22

Full moon and fireball 2016/08/21 01:46

Fireball 2016/09/27 22:47

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