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Majadahonda Observatory

Sharing a hobby


My hobby of astronomy began many years ago by making a reflector telescope with the ideas of a book of construction of telescopes with a very basic azimuthal mount. With a planisphere and the "Yearbook of the Astronomical Observatory of Madrid" located Messier objects and planets more visible. Since then I always had the illusion of building an observatory to facilitate the exercise of this hobby and I have been able to carry it out little by little. It is an observatory with the limitations of being located in an urban environment, on a terrace, and what this conditions regarding space, light pollution, visual obstacles, ... but the result is that to dedicate a few hours to observation, Photography or measurements, I just need a clear sky and a few minutes of turning on the equipment. Many of the implementations of this observatory have been inspired by ideas found on the Internet, so if this website can help other hobbyists to develop their project and enjoy astronomy, I will be more than satisfied. 

The observatory is located in the city of Majadahonda a few kilometers northwest of Madrid, Spain.


Javier de Elías
Observer AAVSO code: DJAD
​MPC observatory code: L46

Agrupación Astronómica de Madrid (AAM):, of which I am a member

Grupo de Observación de Asteroides (GOAS):, with which I collaborate

Observadores de Supernovas (ObSN):, with which I collaborate

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO):

Minor Planet Center (MPC):

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