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Camera CCD Audine LP

The Audine LP CCD camera is a Cristóbal Gacía design based on the Audine camera by Christian Buil. The Audine camera supported chips of the family KAF400, KAF1600 and at the time access to a camera with similar benefits was very little affordable for fans. Cristóbal contributed a series of very interesting improvements in mechanical aspects (low profile to allow it to be used in an 8" SC fork, hermetic enclosure for the very low volume chip to minimize condensation problems, and a very simple construction) as well as electrical aspects (CCD and dissipator temperature sensor, two-stage peltier module with measurement of the applied voltage) Thanks to the work of Cristóbal and its support, I was able to have a high-performance CCD camera at the price of the components, to enjoy a lot with its construction.


For more details of the project:

The solution for the hermetic enclosure that houses the chip can be seen in the photograph by means of a circular piece with an optical window that is coupled with an O-ring. The connection of the part at the bottom against the body of the chamber is also carried out with a rubber seal. The assembly together with the fixation piece to the telescope is fixed with four screws that allow the tightening to achieve the sealing.

My contribution to the implementation in my case was to manufacture a piece for the shutter function. The piece is machined with a milling machine from an aluminum plate. It incorporates a housing for a small motor of a toy that allows the opening and closing of the shutter.

The power supply required different voltages. I incorporated some analog consumption meters to control the operation.

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